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Door Maurits Bruel en gastbloggers
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What is your favorite core value and why?

This is one of the questions I asked employees at Zappos during my visit. I was especially impressed by Paur's contribution. She works at the Customer Loyalty Team Support and her favorite core value is value nr 10: "Be humble".  
Her definition is as following: "humility is the art of being detached from self recognition..[...]..You want to make sure that what you do is coming from your heart, with no strings attached."
(for the record: the official Zappos’s definition states: Humility is the quality of being humble: modest, not proud, doing something out of the goodness of your heart, not for yourself.)
What surprised me most in Paur’s message is how authentic her definition came across and what it meant to her. It confirmed that Zappos employees do know all of the 10 core values and that they are meaningful to them. I will let you judge by yourself and watch the video extract. 

How does Zappos ensure every employee is on board and demonstrates humility? It starts with the recruitment process. Candidates are tested on each core value, either during the interviews, the incubation program or just by observing their behaviors. Any candidate acting in a condescending way toward the Zappos shuttle driver or any other employees would fail immediately the recruitment process.

Consistency is key here, so humility is for everyone, always. Zappos does not have any VIP corner offices. Every employee has the same cubicle space, including the CEO Tony Hsieh and the rest of the management team. No clean desk policy though, every cubicle is a personal “fashion” statement by the user.

Another great example: every year during the peak season, each employee contributes to maintain the best customer service (and the WOW) by allocating 10 hours of their time to answer customer calls. Being an accountant, an HR or a technical person, they all got the training when they first started, thay all pitch in when it is most needed!

So my question to you: Are you ready to give up some of your “privileges” and accept to do something out of goodness of your heart and without recognition?